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On Page SEO

We help Google crawl your website

Our goal for on-page SEO is to improve for the sites of our clients by placing them better in the search engines, increasing them, thus the organic traffic. Therefore, a well-optimized site creates or relies on Google (but changes search engines) to see if there is a clear interest in what it is about on its site.

Our on-page SEO Services focuses on results and customer retention  

Omubo Design innovative methodology leverages industry expertise and actionable data to make your SEO campaign work for you. Positive return on investment is only one benefit of partnering with Omubo Design. Our campaigns get your business in front of the right people at the right time to increase organic traffic and boost engagement.

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We focus our attention on the results

Our On-page SEO services are focused on optimizing your site for search engines and driving traffic to your website.

When investing in an SEO campaign, it is necessary to practice SEO optimization on the page to ensure that the pages of your site work efficiently. For many people, SEO has a bad reputation because it seems like a volatile process with many unknowns. The results seem untouched and the whole process can be daunting. Omubo Design extracts this unknown from SEO through a transparent approach and complex marketing strategies that will improve your site ranking.

ROI Hunters

For each SEO campaign we establish a database with all the pages that receive positions is top in Google searches. Thus we track the impressions and the number of organic clicks of the traffic of your site to always know the attribution of the income. All this data will be of great help even to your team.

Brand Awareness

Top rankings in search engines result in a large number of impressions. When your site occupies these top positions, your business gets more exposure in search and becomes more popular. In addition, when you are on the first page after the target keywords, the users will associate your brand with those keywords and the confidence with your brand will be positive.

Scalable Campaigns

Are you planning to start a start-up and have a limited budget? There is no problem. Want to test the land with our help before setting the budget? Sounds very good. Through the Omubo Design agency you can take part in well-structured campaigns that allow for a very precise disability. Our model will increase your firm’s revenues.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is one of the most profitable marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for certain information, products or services online. When SEO campaigns are well thought out, it will help companies save money.

Let’s get started

Get a FREE SEO audit

Send us your website URL,  your main target keyword and location and we will take care of the rest. You will get by email a basic report in the shortest time possible.

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We take care of many important things in on-page optimization process, from Internal Link Optimization and LSI Research to Semantic Content Analysis.

  • Page Title Formatting
  • Page Titles Missing
  • Page Title Too Short/Long
  • Page Title Duplicated
  • Page Titles Missing
  • Meta Descriptions Missing
  • Meta Descriptions Too Short/Long
  • Meta Descriptions Duplicated
  • Sub Optimal Header Hierarchy
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Search Volume Too Low
  • Domain Authority Comparison
  • Long Tail Keyword Selection
  • Subpage Keyword Hierarchy
  • Keyword Frequency
  • Incorrect Anchor Text Linking
  • Robots.txt File Missing
  • Robots.txt File Blocking Valuable Content
  • XML Sitemap Missing or URL not listed in Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap Lists pages blocked by the Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap is Malformed/Incomplete/Outdated
  • XML Video and Image Sitemap Missing
  • Low Page Speed Score
  • Desktop Webmaster Tools Not Available
  • Improper Canonical Tags Robots Meta Tag
  • Unnecessary Sub-Domains
  • Uncesessary Directories
  • Generic Directory Structure
  • Dynamic URL Issues
  • Tracking Parameters in the URL
  • Session IDs in URL
  • Internal Link Issues
  • Sub Optimal Anchor Text
  • Missing Breadcrumbs
  • Malformed Breadcrumbs
  • Breadcrumbs Missing Schema
  • No Consumer Facing Sitemap
  • Unnescessary Internal No-Follow Links
  • Javascript Navigation
  • Images Used in Navigation
  • Flash Navigation
  • Unnecessary Redirects
  • 302 Redirects
  • Meta-Refresh Redirects
  • Javascript Redirects
  • Site Contains Page Errors
  • Broken Page Links
  • Broken Image Links
  • Missing Custom 404 Page Error
  • Page Does Not Return 404
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Low page Speed Score – Mobile
  • Generic Desktop to Mobile Site Redirection
  • Switchboard Tags Vary
  • HTTP Header – Same URL Vary
  • HTTP Header – Different URL

We push boundaries

Every project is approached with a new perspective and fresh ideas

We love what we do and we know from experience that every customer is different. That is why we approach each project in a different way, we look at it from a new perspective and we influence its results with new ideas. Let’s talk more over coffee, about how we can help you in your marketing campaign.

Best Practices for Internal Links
Internal linking is a very important process when it comes to SEO on-page optimization. These links from existing pages to other internal pages transmit juice and strengthen your site in the search engine rankings. Internal linking is the only type of link where exact keywords should be used for anchor text. When there are more than 10% backlinks as keywords coming from other sites to your site, there is a risk of spamming your site and your site being penalized. With well-optimized internal links, it will help search engine spiders better understand how each page should be ranked and thus eliminate spam.
Example: Many backlinks will use your URL, your site name, or something like “Click here to find out more”. Thus I must make sure that all internal links must contain:
  • Exact keyword A
  • Exact keyword B
  • Exact keyword C
  • etc.

The internal linking process will also help to reduce the bounce rate by simply having your users visit multiple pages at once. Thus, the internal linking process will be a winner for the practice of SEO on-page optimization.

Best SEO Practices for High Quality Content
By and large, the points listed above give you a better understanding of what ‘Quality Content for Google or other search engines’ means. If you apply the above to create good quality content then it will definitely produce good quality content for your readers and Google will love it. Satisfied customers = better ranking on Google.
Best SEO Practices for Using Tags

Labels come in three forms and you have to make sure you apply the best practices for all.

Title tag. If you use WordPress you should not worry about looking at the title tag. But when using captions in the content of the post, it would be good to make sure that they are not just bolded, but that you also want headers tags around them for an additional SEO boost. These indicators instruct search engine spiders that these words are very important for that post.

Meta Tag. A site can be penalized if it does not have meta tags or has duplicate content for meta tags. Avoid getting penalties.

ALT tags. These tags should describe each photo on your site. These other tags should not contain keywords but a short description of that image.

Best SEO Practices for Page Layouts

How a post looks like matters enormously when it comes to on-page optimization. If you put yourself in the user’s place, you will understand that the page layout is very important and that your post must be attractive and immediately conquer. The time spent by users on your site is a major ranking factor that Google considers. The content should be easy to read, readable, multimedia elements must be strategically placed, positioning of keywords and internal and external links are elements that should not be overlooked.
The images must be clear, well-optimized SEO, subtitles, short paragraphs, bullet points, etc. they are always welcome as they highlight something important.

Best Practices for Keyword Density
Keyword density is one of the most important aspects when it comes to on-page optimization. In the past, if you had a post that was not of good quality and filled it with many keywords, you could reach the top of search engines like Google Bing or Yahoo. Today, this practice is no longer generating results from the past but is still practiced by many marketing agencies. If you hear from a marketing agency that you still practice this technique … Runaway!

Proper keyword density is a major part of on-page SEO services and the general rule is that all major keywords should have a density of 2% or less.

Keeping an optimal density will help you to have an excellent content classification, avoiding penalties.

Best Practices for Using Correct Keywords
  • In the title
  • In the URL
  • In the first paragraph (only recommended)
  • In the last sentence of the post
If the post has a decent length, then the main keyword may also appear in one of the subtitles, and several times during the post, and it should appear natural. Make sure all these keys are below 2% in density.
Best Practices for Outbound Links
Best SEO Practices for Updating Site Content

Why you need On-Page SEO


On-page SEO optimization improves the visibility of your site online, helping users find your content and Google algorithms to crawl and index your pages. When your business model has many competitors, on-page SEO optimization can be a key factor for you to outperform your competitors.

Many companies rely on outdated marketing leaflets – business cards, print advertising, etc. – and you can use on-page SEO to reach your target audience by more modern means, in an economical and efficient way.

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SEO is a continuous process, a long-term strategy that can be part of your digital marketing campaigns. Everything changes around us every day, including customer requirements – SEO allows you to keep up with all these changes and your company is always one step ahead of the competition.

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