Motion Design process

Motion design services will engage, inspire, and educate your clients and customers with an awesome interactive, motion-based visual content. This type of design service is relatively new and is one of the most innovative services that provide real-life experiences through video and film production. 

The better web design and development companies have the reputation and experience of providing a unique connection between your audience and your brand by introducing visual stimuli and compelling auditory. This combination will definitely get your key message or idea across to your audience. The pictures and sounds will become etched in their minds for a long period of time.

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Concept Creation

Any successful project (like motion design) starts with the design part and writing a powerful brief. We make an appointment with our clients to understand their idea and how they want to communicate this idea in a visual form. Once we have understood your idea, we will begin to trace the important points that will lead to the next stage of the project.

Interactive Animations

This type of animation includes micro-interactions, loading, scrolling, hover effects and can make the site more interactive, which can enhance the user experience and even make the site memorable. We will help you create and define small details in order to highlight the important elements of your site.

Graphic Animation

In this stage he realizes the illustrations, giving them life through movement, to help the visitor understand the idea through storytelling. These animations can include interactive infographics, motion design, logo animation, promo videos, explanatory videos and much more.


All these animations are designed and tested with the end-user in mind in order to ensure that the message is clear, easy to understand and functional. All these visual effects will not distract, but will only bring value and entertainment for the end-user.

Motion Design Process


Identifying the type of animations appropriate to the design of your site is done by the UX design team. They will ensure that the user will have the best experience, especially when it comes to site loading times or transitions. Animations can help the user to focus on a certain area of the screen, improve engagement and functionality.


Bringing web design and brand story to life through motion design attracts consumer attention. If the content is more visible, then your consumer will spend more time on that page and eliminate decrease bounce rates. The Omubo Design team will create possibilities for animations to complement your brand and content.


Each page represents more than just visual elements, the UI design details make a big difference in the creation of websites today. This is why motion design can add to the final design, enhance interactions and play the role of a functional element. These animated elements lead the user on a journey, create a narrative and allow the user to interact better with the content brand.


Most sites globally are static and even the simplest animations will make your site feel unique and stand out. Your site will be different, memorable and observable.

Video Animation

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