Google AdWords campaigns

Hire us to reduce your costs and increase your number of customers, traffic and conversion on your site through well-optimized Google AdWords campaigns.

Through each campaign built, we try to generate the best results for our clients. Thus, we build smart and well-optimized Google Adwords campaigns with a team of talented people who will quickly put money in your pocket through advertising strategies aimed at the target audience.


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Attract the right customers at the right price with personalized Google Ads Campaigns.

Now you can quickly reach the right customers through Google Adwords campaigns optimized for your success at an unbeatable price.

Let’s establish one thing. Google Adwords is a huge success because it works. A Pay Per Click campaign can completely transform your business if done right. To create a high-performing Google AdWords campaign, you need expertise in Google tools, tricks, and analytics. Our agency has so much knowledge to turn your business into a money factory through a formidable team, but we also have the tools (many of them created in-house) to help you access data in a way. easy and transparent.


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What is a Google Ads Campaign?

Google AdWords is a paid advertising service offered by Google where an advertiser pays for his ad to reach potential customers who are ready to buy products or services online. You pay for advertising only when a user clicks on your ad and this process is called cost per click or CPC and is determined by a bid. For example, if your ad has reached 10,000 people but only 500 of them clicked on it, then you will only pay for the 500 clicks. The main feature that differentiates AdWords or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is that impressions are not charged. This means that AdWords advertising can make a significant contribution to making your brand known at no extra cost.

AdWords advertising may seem easy to implement and even so when it comes to low competition. When the competition is medium or high, Google AdWords campaigns become an art and a science, because you need to get the lowest acquisition cost and the best possible conversion rates.


Our Google AdWords Services

Where do you promote your services and products?

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Google Search Ads

We put your ad in front of the right people at the right time. 

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Google Display Ads

We promote your ad displayed on relevant sites, through images and videos that attract attention.

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Google Shopping Ads

We show you the products when someone searches on Google for you to sell more.

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Remarketing Ads

We bring back your customers who have visited your site through intelligent remarketing campaigns

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Youtube Ads

We promote your business and products on the second search engine in the world through well-thought-out campaigns.

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Mobile Marketing

We develop mobile-oriented advertising campaigns, where 60% of your potential customers are.

Our winning Google AdWords process.

We are specialists in what we do and years of experience give us the advantage of generating excellent results at an unbeatable campaign price.

Get an unfair advantage over competitors through an effective promotion process

t doesn’t matter if you have a small, medium business or are multinational. Through our Google AdWords promotion services, we offer all our clients tangible results in the shortest time through well-thought-out marketing strategies aimed at increasing PROFIT. We do not focus our business or product promotion efforts to increase website traffic but to generate money and bring your brand to your target audience.

Here are some benefits of choosing our Google AdWords promotion services.


Before we begin optimizing your Google AdWords account, our team will begin a research process to learn more about your business and customers. This way, we will learn more about your business and know what strategy we need to implement for your campaign.

Fast Setup

Once the strategy is decided, our paid advertising expert will start implementing it. We’ll start by creating an account, optimizing it for accurate reporting, creating ad text using your keywords. Thus we create in a creative way an impactful advertising copy that will be implemented efficiently using many tools that will ensure us a gain on several fronts.


We build a marketing strategy for your paid Google AdWords campaign and focus on keywords, important pages and performance. At this stage, we are developing a strategy to start for example several types of paid campaigns on several platforms.

Management & Reporting

Each Google AdWords account will have a paid advertising specialist who will monitor the performance of your ads and make the necessary adjustments to get the best results for your business. In the end, we generate personalized reports for our clients to show them the performance of the account, to help them draw the necessary conclusions and to discuss future strategies for winning promotion campaigns.

Google AdWords best practices

A good Google AdWords account structure helps you control where your ads appear, what they look like, when they run, and what searches trigger them.
With the correct organization of the account you will have a good control over the functioning of the advertisements, and when this account is not optimized properly, everything can turn into a disaster.
Due to our experience and the meticulousness with which we work, we make sure that each ad is well configured and monitored.

Through these types of keyword matching, we set up how your ads will then be displayed in searches. The options are:

  • Wide fit
  • Match phrase
  • Exact match
  • Wide fit modifier

We will help you identify what types of matches are in line with the campaign you are about to run.

Negative keywords are groups of keywords that block traffic from your keywords. You may be wondering why you would want to block traffic.

Example: Suppose you sell headphones for mobile phones and bid for “mobile headphones”. Now when someone is looking for headphones for phones your ad will appear and can be considered by the customer for their purchase. But if a user searches Google for “free mobile headphones,” then your ad will appear without negative keywords.

I don’t think you want that customer to click on your ad because your product is not “free.” This way we will make sure that your ad will not appear in searches when someone searches for “free mobile headphones”.

This way we make sure your budget is well spent.

Quality Score determines the relevance and quality of your ad based on keywords and is calculated based on 3 factors:

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) – is the estimated click-through rate
  • The quality of the pages where the end-user arrives
  • The relevance of the content (text) of the advertisement depending on the chosen keywords.
  • Quality Scoring can be used to determine cost-per-click or CPC and can have a significant impact on the success of your ads.

Taking into account the above, all our clients’ accounts have implemented dedicated and optimized display, search and remarketing campaigns and include targeted segmented ad groups for good quality.



We can successfully add and use different extensions to increase the clickthrough rate (CTR) as well as increase the quality score.

When these values increase, the CPC will decrease, meaning that the acquisition cost will also decrease. That is desirable.

Here are some ad extensions:

  • Call extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Sitelinks extensions


What is included in each Google AdWords campaign?

Here’s what the Google AdWords campaign package contains and why these features make a difference in terms of results compared to what our competitors offer.

Finding local competitors who invest in PPC with good ad positioning
Search terms analysis and monthly volumes
Creating and establishing revenues and objectives
Research keywords and how potential customers search for services or products
Create ad copy for unbeatable ads
Ads Split Test
Competition analysis regarding ad copy
Website audit
Click rate tracking
Tracking & Cost Optimization per click
Tracking customers, sales and calls
Track ad positioning
Assign revenue to each paid campaign
Management and modification of bids for each campaign
Click rate and cost per click monitoring
Keyword monitoring and bid adjustment
Add Negative Keywords
Improving local executives
Configuration & Remarketing Strategy
Landing page optimization
Monthly reports
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2019 Achievements

Our Google Adwords agency not only offers specialized expertise but also complete paid advertising solutions. Through each campaign, we manage to obtain a significant profit for our clients and in this way we keep our clients happy and satisfied for every penny invested in promotion.

We make our customers happy every time.

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We have reduced the Cost Per Click costs for the companies in our portfolio by approx. 65%


70% increase Contact Form Requests


We generated sales of over 23 million euros


We've expanded our Google AdWords services across Europe


Click rate between 23-33%


We have improved by 70% the rate of calls received by our clients

FAQs Google Adwords 

Be discovered in your local communities with our White Label Local SEO packages.

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How does Google AdWords work?

Before you go into detail about how Google AdWords campaigns work, you need to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to reach the top of your search rankings.

Google Ads / Ads is an auction system that determines the placement of ads and their cost. When a user searches for something on Google, it must match the keywords that the advertisers are bidding on. Within the auction, the cost per click and the positioning of the ad are determined by Ad Rank.

This Ad Rank is determined by two factors:

  • the maximum bid for a keyword
  • ad quality score

The Ad Rank equation is:

(Maximum CPC bid) x (Quality Score / Ad QS)

The equation to find out how much you have to pay in the end for Cost Per Click is:

(Ad Rank below your ad) / (Quality Score / QS of your ad) + $ 0.01

What is Remarketing?

Google Ads Remarketing is an advertising process through which when a person visits for example on the website, this access is kept as a cookie. When the person leaves the website, the ads are distributed on the web.

Can You Guarantee Results?

No one can guarantee guaranteed results, nor can we guarantee such a thing because there are far too many variables in the game. If an agency promises you such a thing, be careful not to be fooled. Our goal is and will always be to get the best results for our clients

What are the costs of a Google AdWords campaign?
Is Google AdWords promotion free?

Yes, promotion on the Google AdWords platform is free and you do not pay any money to use this platform.

If you have further questions about e-commerce services, please do not hesitate to contact us online or at +40 758 730 183.

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