brand strategy

brand strategy

We like authentic brands and look for them when we want quality services or products. However, the market has become very selective, its brands multiplied today more than ever. The digital age has changed the way we tell a brand story. All the latest social innovations, mobile, have offered companies the opportunity to tell their story. But can they be noticed or heard in all this “noise”? To be a successful brand, each company should have a very close relationship with their audience and must understand their needs and desires.

That’s why we at Omubo Design, when developing a brand strategy, focus on strategic clarity, connection with the public and a rich brand personality. With experience in brand strategy, Omubo Design offers all the resources for a brand to rethink, refresh their identity or even make themselves noticed.

Brand Strategy Process

A good branding strategy is an essential part that shows the direction to be taken by a brand, in order for it to grow beautifully. This process involves rational thinking and lots of creative imagination, in order to create a strategy that works for both the company and its customers.

A true brand strategy refines the goals of a brand around the value offered to customers. Many companies do not focus on a well-defined strategy and therefore are not successful.

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Business Goals

In order to achieve the desired results, we must know the priorities and objectives of your company, so that the team that will work on your brand strategy can add milestones on the way to defining your brand identity. Without this information from the client, it is as if I paint a picture after a picture. The emotion will be missing.

Market Research

A good research of your target audience is a very important element in the branding process because in this way we will obtain valuable information about their needs, motivations, and challenges. As we will better define and understand your customers, the better we will adapt their experience in your brand message. Market research will help your brand make a good impression in front of potential customers and earn their trust.

Brand Messaging

The message of your brand must be an impact, to capture the essence of your brand and the value offered to customers. The story of your brand should attract attention and provoke emotion. Thus, we will create a slogan that will resonate with your business. The purpose of the slogan is to sell your services or products. He tells your customers why they should buy your product, why they should care, why they should choose your services, etc.

Competitor Research

We will analyze your competitors carefully to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we will take advantage of opportunities and key differentiators for the efficient positioning of your business. Apart from your direct competitors, we are looking for inspiration in other industries. Once we gather all the information about your competitors, we will continue the process by researching the market.

Brand Voice

Are you targeting the target audience in the right way? Is the message easy to understand? We people are looking for valuable brands that tell a story through a clear voice and an appropriate tone. Each brand communicates its message in a unique way, and so should any brand that wants to win a market. The Omubo Design team will help you define this voice – style, personality, and point of view. We will teach you how the tone of your brand can change depending on the target audience and the type of message delivered.

Customer Journey

We need to better understand the journey to which your client will make to know the business until the purchase of a service or a product. Mapping this client journey will help define and develop valuable content for each stage of the decision-making process. All branding services are essential in order to develop a lasting brand that offers quality and vision.


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Our experience

During the 10 years, we have helped big and small companies build their branding strategies.

Our expertise

We understand the needs of our clients and adapt quickly to create successful brands.

Our perspective

We offer our clients the best solutions to thrive in such a busy market.

Our process

Our processes are easy to understand, customized according to the niche and we use different intelligent methods to solve the problems of our clients.

Our ideas

Our ideas are carefully chosen, creative, strategically chosen and always oriented towards the brand.

Our leadership

It gives us support when we need it, knowledge and directions in order to make smart decisions in favor of our clients.

Our team

We are a small team of people with experience at a senior level, who strive to extract the magic of each brand.

Our speed

We work simple, fast and efficient to solve the big challenges of any brand.

Our passion

We put passion and we are personally involved in every project, be it small or big. We solve the challenges of our clients and help them increase their turnover.

Brand strategy methods

Brand Mapping

We create a map of the brand that will identify new and relevant opportunities through campaigns that will highlight the reasons why your customers choose your product.

Brand Positioning

After we capitalize on the opportunities with the greatest potential, we articulate this position in a way that will resonate with your target audience.

Brand Architecture

This method aims to align all your brands with the vision and objectives of your company. Thus we develop a unique focus that will result in performance and growth.

Brand Workshops

Our branding workshops will have as the main purpose, the discovery of opportunities, we answer the most difficult questions related to the challenges of your business and we will find innovative methods that will position you in front of your competitors.