digital marketing

About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services include any or all marketing efforts that rely on the internet or an electronic device. Today, successful businesses take advantage of digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and various websites to communicate and connect with existing and prospective customers. Digital marketing is basically utilizing numerous digital channels and tactics to connect or communicate with customers as they spend time online. 

From a business’ online branding assets to the actual website itself, there is a wide spectrum of options that come under the umbrella of digital marketing. Some of these options include email marketing, online brochures, and digital advertising.

Digital Marketing Services

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Omubo Design offers SEO strategies that drive traffic, sales and we connect businesses, brands, and partners with the people who are interested in your services or products. As your long-term partner, we strive to improve the quality, optimize and review your campaigns every month in order to give your brand the search authority it deserves.

Email Marketing

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to re-engage customers, customer retention and brand awareness. Your users will receive only relevant information because we will make sure that in the body of the email we introduce relevant content and a strong message, a strategic design in order to obtain the best-targeted information and a good story.

Content Marketing

In the first phase of content marketing engagement we want to understand what your market is, what are the biggest problems and then how to deliver the content to solve these problems. For your content to lead your inbound marketing and connect to people interested in your services, we need to ensure you have the right SEO in place, relevant content, and a distribution strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the best way to connect with the important people for your business and to communicate with your target audience. In order to reach a high commitment, it is advisable that your brand always stays connected with the target audience and delivers quality content across all major platforms.

Digital marketing Benefits

High Conversion Rates

You get two-way conversions which include leads and customers. Enables you to reach your target audience, your customers learn about your business and this leads will bring a boost in your conversion rates.

Cost Effective

If a good digital marketing strategy is in place in the long run, then its results and benefits can be seen in a short time. The tactics we can put on the table are pay-per-click, SEO, SMM and content marketing.

Build Brand Reputation

Digital Marketing is not just about promoting products, services and connecting. It is also a means of gaining confidence and building a reputation for your brand. If your communication with your audience is strong will help you to create a positive impact on your brand.

Better ROI

ROI means the return on investment that you gain by investing your capital. Social media and advertisement on sites are good ways to attract the attention of your customers.