branding services

branding services

Proper branding services are vital for any website that has services or goods to sell. Correct branding will add additional importance to a particular service or product. It is obviously easier to brand an item because it is tangible. Services, on the other hand, are more difficult to brand because they will be based on deeds and performance. Omubo Design is able to provide a brand identity for both goods and services.

We understand the importance of communicating and branding and we do this in a well-organized manner so as to create an encouraging impression of your product or service. A good first impression and a lasting one is important for all companies big or small and by understanding your company’s audience, values, and goals, we produce logo designs and print literature that clearly communicate your vision.

Branding Process

A well-done branding implies a winning combination between strategic thinking, good project management, lots of creativity and complete research.

We develop and design a unique brand character, based on what needles are unique to you. We involve ourselves in understanding the market, the product, the competitors, the objectives and the business itself to build a character of the brand.


We will start a brand research campaign by extracting information from industry reports where you are a part, we are researching the consumer market and analyzing your competition. These details will help you discover the key elements that differentiate your business from other businesses.

Brand Identity

In this part of the process we use the experience and imagination of our designs to develop the brand strategy in a visual representation of the brand. This step involves patience because the development of a brand identity means the use of more creative ideas that will be finalized in time in a final concept.

Style Guide

The finished product is not just a logo, because we also develop a style guide for your brand. These key elements define the small details of your brand and will help your business communicate and visually convey important messages to your audience through marketing campaigns.

Developing Strategy

A good branding strategy is an essential part that shows the direction to be taken by a brand, in order for it to grow beautifully. This process involves rational thinking and lots of creative imagination, in order to create a strategy that works for both the company and its customers.

Crafting Touchpoints

We take the identity and create a series of contact points between the company and its clients. In this stage, we develop the way the touch elements look, which represent in essence all the elements created in the strategic process. All final elements must work both on a small and large scale, online or offline.

Branding Benefits

Trust & Consistency

An important aspect of branding is building experience for your consumers. Consistency in providing a good story and a vision that your customer resonates with leads to better brand engagement, more purchases and word of mouth.

Strategic Advantage

Brand strategy is the foundation of what you do next, and if this is well thought out from the beginning, it will help your business to position itself strategically and clearly articulate its difference from the competition.

Customer Loyalty

A deep brand identity transmits the values of your business much easier and helps you to create an emotional connection with your customers. This makes it easier to build trust and a long-term relationship with your target audience, which leads to greater loyalty of your customers for your brand.

Brand Aging

A partnership with Omubo Design can mean an expansion of your current team, which means more resources to identify new best practices and technologies. We can advise you on strategies to attract new customers, trends and innovations in the field of branding, all of which aim to develop your business.

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A Powerful Brand must be …


Your brand must be intuitive in order to also give your customers a cat and serve a necessary necessity to a partner in order to be in control.

<strong>02</strong> Scalable

Your brand needs to grow and grow over time, which is why it has to be scalable because scalability gives it long-term power.

<strong>03</strong> Memorable

A powerful brand must have impact and be memorable.


A brand with consistency is a complementary and coherent brand.


Your brand will differentiate itself in the industry with well-placed elements, images, and a well-rounded strategy.

<strong>06</strong>Packaging Design
Our in-house designers are ready to create the perfect packaging for your products because we know that this aspect represents the force behind exceptional branding. Our designers are masters in packaging design and are motivated to create unique and attractive solutions for any business.

Successful brands integrate Strategy & Identity

Brand Strategy

Our approach to building a brand strategy is rigorous and it will all start with you. Revealing your AND’s and the attributes that make your brand a special one is an important process for an impact brand, different and true. This strategy is fundamental to a compelling brand experience and is the key to effective marketing.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity should work for your business and not against it. With a different brand strategy and a new brand name, we will bring your brand to life with a remarkable graphic design. The graphic design explores typography, logo, color, elements that will push your brand into the future.