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About Brand identity

Every aspect of your brand identity always says something about your brand, about the services you offer or about your product. Many people confuse logo design with brand identity. The design of a logo captures only one face of the brand identity. Imagine removing the logos from the packaging, from the product, from the site, from the promotional items, the absolute everything. Would customers still recognize your brand? but the products? Would it confuse you with a competitor? This is the difference between recognizing your brand name and recognizing the brand.

When the brand identity is treated with superficiality, a close connection between the consumer and the brand cannot be created. When building strong, multi-sensory brand signals, these signals build a shield around your brand and the consumer will better understand what your brand represents.

We craft brands that cannot be ignored and demand attention.

Brand identity Services

Visual identity of your brand is important for establishing and maintaining a strong presence on the market. We develop a memorable, easily recognizable brand identity that will make consumers choose your services or product.

Logo Design Services

Designing your company logo is the key to your brand identity. It will be displayed on invoices, brochures, in your web pages, in emails, on coffee mugs, stickers, promotional campaigns, banners, etc. This design should exemplify everything your company means, convey the right message and why not, tell the brand story. Our logo design services offer you the following benefits:


  • Your logo will clearly communicate who your company is
  • Visually it will be attractive: simple, clean and tidy
  • A logo that will not go out of style in 6 months
  • It will create a long-lasting impression for your audience
  • Your logo will be delivered in several formats

Brochure Design Services

The right brochure should convey the right message at a glance. It should give your audience all the reasons and everything they need to see for them to say “YES”. Our team of designers offers personalized brochure services, in order to place you at the top of your industry.

Stationary Design Services

We can mark every piece of stationery (and not only) of your company. Through our stationery design services you can create:

  • Business cards
  • E-mail signatures
  • E-mail design
  • Posters
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Letterheads
  • Bills
  • Flyer layouts
  • Menus
  • Product packaging and much more.


Typography refers to the font or typeface you choose for your branded materials. Choosing the right font is an important process because it will speak for your brand. Our in-house designers can create custom typeface or can choose a combination of fonts suitable for your brand. There are four major types of typography:

  • Serif fonts great if you want your brand to appear trustworthy, traditional, and just a little old school
  • Sans serif fonts – give a more sleek, modern feel to brands.
  • Script typographya great way to add a luxurious or feminine feel to your brand.
  • Display fonts –  create a brand identity people won’t soon forget

Color Palette

Potential clients have certain psychological connections with different colors. The correct and strategic use of a color palette can have a serious impact on the way your brand is perceived by customers. 

  • Red – the color of passion and excitement.  A perfect choice if your brand identity is loud, youthful, and exciting.
  • Yellow – the sunshine color of happiness. Great if you want to feel fun, affordable or accessible.
  • Orange – a hight-energy color if you want to appear friendly and playful.
  • Green – a versatile color, can be used by any brand.
  • Blue – perfect choice if you want your brand to appear stable and trustworthy.
  • Black – if you want to be modern and sophisticated.

10 great reasons why you should hire us

our difference

Our experience

During the 10 years, we have helped big and small companies build their branding strategies

Our perspective

We offer our clients the best solutions to thrive in such a busy market

Our ideas

Our ideas are carefully chosen, creative, strategically chosen and always oriented towards the brand.

Our speed

We work simple, fast and efficient to solve the big challenges of any brand

Our team

We are a small team of people with experience at a senior level, who strive to extract the magic of each brand.

Our expertise

We understand the needs of our clients and adapt quickly to create successful brands.

Our process

Our processes are easy to understand, customized according to the niche and we use different intelligent methods to solve the problems of our clients.

Our focus

We offer the expertise and specialism created around our clients’ business and goals.

Our leadership

It gives us support when we need it, knowledge and directions in order to make smart decisions in favor of our clients

Our passion

We put passion and we are personally involved in every project, be it small or big. We solve the challenges of our clients and help them increase their turnover.

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